OLCC Liquor Licensing Information

Policy and Purpose

Clackamas County Recording, in coordination with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, processes liquor license applications for businesses located in the non-incorporated areas of the county. The County Clerk, as the designee of the Board of County Commissioners, is responsible for making recommendations to the OLCC to either grant or deny liquor licenses. Recommendations ensure that the selling or dispensing of liquor within Clackamas County is conducted in a lawful, peaceful, safe, and sanitary manner.

Temporary Liquor License/Special Event Licenses

The Recording office isn’t responsible for processing these applications. Please contact the Sherriff’s Department. Their number is 503-785-5000.

Application and Procedure

Recording, a division for the County Clerk's office, is an accepting agent for OLCC applications. Any applicant for a liquor license, who is required by the OLCC to have a recommendation from Clackamas County, must present completed application forms and processing fee as proscribed by the OLCC and Clackamas County Ordinance. Renewals do not require a form, but a fee must still be paid to Clackamas County.

Copies of applications are forwarded to the County Sheriff and County Public Health offices for investigation. The County has a 45 day deadline to either recommend an approval of the license or a denial of the license. 

If approvals are issued by both the Sheriff and Public Health, and if the Board does not request a hearing, then recommendation of approval is provided to the OLCC. If either the Sheriff or Public Health recommends conditional approval, the recommendation sent to the OLCC will include the conditions (conditions are also provided to the applicant).

If denial is recommended, then the County Administrative Officer, will schedule a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners. The County Clerk and County Counsel will be notified of scheduled hearings. The applicant will be given no less than 10 day notice of the scheduled hearing. The public will be informed by publication in a newspaper of general circulation and a posting at the Board of County Commissioner's office. Hearing procedures can be found in Clackamas County Code Title 8.

Additional information can also be found on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission website.

If you have questions on the process, please contact Lisa Haller; Senior Recorder at lhaller@clackamas.us 503-655-8551, ext. 7878.