UCC Filings

Clackamas County will accept the national UCC Financing Statement form; however, this form may not meet Oregon's first page requirements and a $20 non-standard fee may apply in addition to all other applicable fees. See examples of the National form and instructions. When calculating fees, additional pages after the first page will be charged of $5 apiece.

First Page Requirements

The following items are required on the first page of each financing statement or amendment:

  1. Name of the transaction.
  2. Name of parties and their designations (e.g., debtor: John Jones, Secured party: US Bank NA)
  3. Name of Property owner if different from debtor.
  4. Name and address of party to whom the document will be returned; must be preceded by "Return To:"

Additional Requirements

National UCC forms include a second page titled "Addendum" which is necessary to your filing.

(Please consult the instructions on the back of your UCC form). Also, forms that include more than one transaction (e.g., both the amendment box and the continuation box are checked), will be charged an additional $5.00 multiple-transaction fee.

A financing statement filed as a fixture filing under ORS 79.0501 shall be recorded and indexed as a mortgage on real property. It shall conform to the requirements of ORS 79.0502 and describe the property as in the manner prescribed in Chapter 93 for a mortgage. Box 6 (old form) on the initial filing form, now Box 13 on the new form, or Box 1b on the amendment form are required to be checked per UCC Financing Statement instructions if it is to be recorded in the real estate records. Box 14 & Box 15 on the amendment must indicate the type of financing statement; fixture filing, covers as-extracted collateral or timber to be cut. If either of these boxes is left unmarked, the form may be rejected

All filing information must be legible or the form will be rejected. Filing information must be in 8 point type or larger or a $20.00 non-standard fee will apply in addition to all other applicable fees.


UCC 1s and 3s recorded in real property records in Clackamas County will be charged $5 per page, $10 Assessment & Taxation Fee, $1 Oregon Land Information System fee, Geographic Information Services fee $5, $10 Public Land Corner fee, $60 Affordable Housing fee, and $2 Clackamas County's Affordable Housing Collection fee.

In addition to all regular fees, documents will be charged a $5 additional page fee; $5 additional transaction fee (when applicable); and/or a $20 non-standard fee if all first page requirements are not met.