Food Scraps Collection for Businesses

Businesses can easily collect all food scraps (grains, produce, meat, dairy, fish, bones and more) for composting. The Food Scraps Collection program is offered in most urban areas of Clackamas County. Email us at or call 503-742-4458 to learn about service in your area.

By recycling food waste, your business can have a positive impact on the environment and on your bottom line. Diverted food scraps can be used to create clean energy and fertilizer by being processed at an anaerobic digester or commercial compost facility. Removing food waste from landfills also reduces emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

In addition, when you know what you are throwing out, you can identify ways to reduce costs by preventing food waste from the start. Is food spoiling before it can be served? Are portion sizes too large? Could trimmings be used in cooking? Use this knowledge to better inform your purchasing decisions to reduce food costs, overall food waste and disposal costs.

Why collect your food scraps?

  • Reduce food costs by tracking food waste caused by over-ordering and over-production.
  • Keep food waste from the landfill, preventing greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Support local production of electricity and fertilizer.
  • Build stronger connections with like-minded customers.
  • Promote composting as a full-circle system that creates food from food within our communities.
  • Attract and retain employees by implementing sustainable practices.

Contact us

Our Sustainability Advisors can provide free personalized assistance, staff training, internal collection containers, signs and stickers to help integrate this program into your daily operations. Email us at or call 503-742-4458.


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