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We provide education and technical assistance to residents, businesses and workplaces, schools, and events throughout Clackamas County so our community can reduce waste, conserve resources, recycle effectively, and adopt more sustainable practices. We also oversee garbage and recycling services provided by collection companies in unincorporated areas of the county to ensure residents and businesses receive timely service at a reasonable cost.

Guides, Services and Locations

Look up your company to start or change service, manage billing or arrange for large item pick up.

Your guide to each bin, including instructions and printable guides in multiple languages.

Reduce and reuse to conserve resources, protect the environment, and save money.

List of transfer stations, recycling depots, and yard waste facilities.

List of hazardous items that do not belong in your garbage or recycling bin and how to properly dispose of them.

For unincorporated county, Happy Valley and Barlow.

Rules and procedures during hazardous weather conditions.

An optional, add-on service to recycle even more

Get Involved

7-week course on sustainable consumption and recycling

Developing specific recommendations for Clackamas County to become carbon neutral by 2050

Free community events that bring skilled fixer volunteers and people with broken items together

Informs and provides recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on garbage and recycling improvements

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