Repair Fairs

Free community events that bring volunteers with fixing skills and people with broken items together.

Experienced fixers will attempt to repair or mend your items and may teach you how to fix them yourself. There are no guarantees for a repair. Some items are more difficult to repair, can take longer than we have time for at the event, or even break more during a repair attempt. Fixers can diagnose an issue and offer their best, unbiased advice. Our repair rate is over 75%. Some replacement parts may be available.

What to Bring

Clothing, textiles, bicycles, small electronics and home appliances. We also do minor jewelry repair, and sometimes we have someone to sharpen knives and tools. Only bring items small enough to be easily carried by one person, and do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, dirty or have a strong odor. We do not do clothing alternations. All clothing must be clean. Repairers can turn down any items that do not meet these guidelines.

A maximum of one broken item per person will be examined at a time. After each item is examined/repaired, you must return to the registration table to be matched with another fixer volunteer for a second item.

Repair Fair Schedule

Find upcoming repair fairs below. Additional events will be added as they are scheduled.

Become a Repair Fair Volunteer

Repair fair volunteer inspects electric lampWe are only limited in what we can fix by the skills of our volunteers. If you have repair skills and want to be involved, contact or 503-557-6363.

Host a Repair Fair in your community

We can provide assistance for your event and guide you along the way. Contact or 503-557-6363.