Developmental Disabilities Services for Adults

Clackamas County offers many services for adults with Developmental Disabilities.Please call for more information about the services listed below.

Main Number 503-655-8640
Intake and Eligibility 503-557-2824

Service Coordination (Case Management)

A service coordinator assists eligible adults with coordinating an individual support plan (ISP) or annual plan, facilitating referrals to services, and monitoring comprehensive services. Service Coordinators also provide consultation to providers and families and assure the appropriateness and quality of services.

Adults in Brokerage Services receive their case management services from their brokerage Personal Agent (see below).

Information and Referral

Service Coordinators help to identify and connect individuals to resources and/or services available in the community.

Residential Services

Residential programs provide services in neighborhood settings for individuals who require 24-hour care, supervision, support and training. Programs provide room and board as well as services such as monitoring of medical and health needs, behavior management, assistance with money management, and participation in community and leisure time activities.

Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services provide individualized support to adults living in their own homes, family homes, or their own apartments to increase their opportunity to be a part of — and participate in — the communities in which they live.

Employment and Alternatives to Employment

Employment and Alternatives to Employment Programs provide community based employment, training and support to adults living in 24-hour care who are 18 or older and no longer in school programs.


Mobility training or transportation services may be provided to individuals when standard transportation sources are not available or cannot be accessed.

Crisis Services

Crisis services may be available for adults who are at risk of institutionalization. Services may include residential crisis placement, funding for additional supports in the existing service, training, technical assistance or other interventions.

Comprehensive In-Home Support Services

In-home comprehensive supports assist eligible adults to continue to live in their own homes or with family. Supports include assistance in determining individual needs including personal support services, assisting individuals to make informed decisions and monitoring to improve the quality of personal supports.

Services for Adults Not in Funded Services

Service Coordination is provided to eligible adults who are not in Brokerage, residential or other funded services. Service coordinators assist adults by developing an annual plan and providing information and referral services. Service coordinators may be able to assist individuals with accessing resources such as housing, medical and mental health supports, vocational supports, etc.

Support Services Brokerage

Brokerages contract with the State of Oregon to provide services to eligible individuals adults in their own or family home. A personal agent (PA) facilitates identification and coordination of needed supports through the development of a self-directed support plan. Examples of support might include budgeting, meal planning, job coaching, respite for caregivers, and community activities. Individuals enrolled in brokerage services do not have a services coordinator at Clackamas County.

Brokerages providing services in Clackamas County

Community Pathways 503-935-5243
Inclusion Inc. 503-232-2289
Independence NW 503-546-2950
Mentor Oregon Metro 503-258-2440
UCP Connections 503-546-2991
SDRI (with exception) 503-292-7142


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