Energy Assistance

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Office Closures

In addition to our usual funding sources, we have received a limited amount of CARES Act funding to address COVID-19 affected households. Our priorities with this specific fund is to assist households that have lost their jobs or have had a reduction in income—in particular households within Clackamas County that have not yet received unemployment or experienced delays with their claims and households that have been quarantined.

At this time, we are not available to schedule in office appointments. Please call us at 503-650-5640 or request an application online.

Energy Assistance Application Request

The team is clearing and responding to phone messages and online requests. We are mailing out applications as funds allow.

If you call, please listen to the menu options and choose the one that is most appropriate for you. Be sure to leave all requested information.

We will work to respond as quickly as we can, but we do ask for your patience as we focus on providing public service and keeping our community and staff safe.

Phone 503-650-5640
Mail Mail in your application and documents with the envelope provided. 

If you are missing items we need to complete processing your application, we may ask you to fax or email missing items. The fax and email are as follows:  

Fax 503-650-5722

Please do not fax or email your application. 

  • We operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • It is important to continue paying on your utilities while applying for and even if you receive Energy Assistance.

Program Dates and Times of Operation

Targeted Heating Assistance: Targeted heating assistance is conducted from October 1 through November 30 for the most vulnerable senior and disabled Clackamas County residents including those that are homebound, those who are medically fragile and those requiring assistance to apply for services

Outreach is also conducted to households with children under age 6 to provide information about the program and how to apply for assistance.

Heating Assistance (open to all): Heating assistance to the general population is from Dec. 1 through April 30, as funds allow.

Heating Assistance may be able to assist with:

  • electric
  • natural gas
  • oil
  • propane
  • wood
  • pellets

Targeted Cooling Assistance: Targeted cooling assistance will be conducted from May 1 through May 31 for the most vulnerable Clackamas County residents that are medically fragile and/or have a medical certificate or letter on file with their utility or our agency.

Cooling Assistance (open to all): Cooling assistance to the general population is from June 1 through Sept. 15, as funds allow.

Cooling Assistance may be able to assist with: 

  • electric

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is based on the total gross household income received by all adults age 18 and over living in the home at the time of the application. This program is only available to residents of Clackamas County.

2020 program year income guidelines
(Effective Oct. 1, 2019)
For a household size of: Income cannot be over:
Size of
Family Unit
60% of Median
Annual Income
60% of Median
Monthly Income
1 $25,983 $2,165.25
2 $33,978 $2,831.50
3 $41,973 $3,497.75
4 $49,967 $4,163.92
5 $57,962 $4,830.17
6 $65,957 $5,496.42
7 $67,456 $5,621.33
8 $68,955 $5,746.25
9 $70,454 $5,871.17
10 $71,953 $5,996.08
11 $73,452 $6,121.00
12 $74,951 $6,245.92
Each additional member $1,499 annually $124.92 monthly


2051 Kaen Road #135 Oregon City, OR 97045

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⚠ Visit our Closures page for the latest information about office closures.
We also encourage you to call before visiting any county office.