Subdivisions and Condominium Naming Policy

To clarify the statutes, the following policies are adopted:

  1. No tentative subdivision plan or subdivision plat or condominium shall be approved which bears a name similar to or pronounced the same as the name of any other subdivision or condominium in the same county, unless the land platted is contiguous to and platted by the same party that platted the subdivision or condominium bearing that name or unless the party files and records the consent (notarized) of the party that platted the contiguous plat bearing that name. A copy of the consent must be provided to the County Surveyor prior to name approval.
  2. Geographical Names - Names that are indicative of a specific area such as a region or a city may be used a maximum of ten (10) times. A portion of the plat name must be significantly different. Examples of allowable names are: "Bull Mountain Estates", "Bull Mountain Park", and "Bull Mountain Woods." Once there are ten plat names that begin with "Bull Mountain", no further use will be allowed.
  3. Similarly, the use of other words such as "Fir", "Oak", "Green", "Sun", "Eagle", "North", "South", "East", "West", etc. will be governed by the same rule. Examples of allowable names are: "Sundown", "Sun Gate", "Sun Ridge." The use of "Sun Ridge Estates" would not be allowed when a plat has previously been recorded as "Sun Ridge." Once there are ten plat names that begin with "Oak", "North", "Sun", etc., no further use will be allowed.
  4. No subdivision plat name shall begin with "A", "The" or other similar words, or use the words "Subdivision" or "Plat" in the name of the subdivision.
  5. No condominium plat name shall begin with "A", "The" or other similar words. Condominium plats are required to have the word "condominium", "condominiums", or "a condominium" in the plat name. ORS 100.105(5).
  6. Phases in subdivisions shall be named as follows:
    • For the first phase "Oak Hills"
    • For the second phase "Oak Hills No. 2"
    • For the third phase "Oak Hills No. 3"
  7. Supplemental condominiums shall meet the requirements of ORS 100.115(4).
  8. Initials will not be allowed in plat names.
  9. Plat names shall not begin with a number (i.e., 78th, 102nd) unless the number is spelled out. (i.e., ONE ROSA PLACE).
  10. Use of roman numerals in a plat name is not allowed.

Since the planning process is generally very lengthy, approved plat names may be reserved with the County Surveyor for a period of two (2) years.

To reserve a subdivision or condominium plat name in Clackamas county:

  1. The Clackamas County Surveyor approves all condominium and subdivision names.
  2. Check the List of Existing and Approved Plat Names at our office for availability, and then contact the County Surveyor's Office to confirm that a specific name is allowable.
    Download Request to Reserve Subdivision/Condominium Name
  3. Fill out and submit the "Request to Reserve Subdivision/Condominium Name" prior to submittal of your plat. Names are not approved until you receive notice.


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