Standards for Polyester Film Plats

April 1, 2013

The following are standards and requirements for the preparation of record of survey maps on polyester drafting film.

  1. All plats for subdivisions, condominiums, partitions and cemeteries shall meet the following minimum standards and requirements in addition to any standards and requirements prescribed by Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules, county ordinances, city ordinances or other similar documents.
  2. Map Materials
    Survey maps shall be prepared upon material that is 18 inches by 24 inches in size. Maps shall be placed on 4-mil or heavier double matted static free polyester drafting film.

    Combinations of ink and film used for ink jet maps must be of such clarity and durability to meet the satisfaction of the county. Maps failing to meet this requirement will be rejected.

    Electrostatic maps will not be accepted.

  3. Standards
    In addition to the standards and requirements of the Oregon Revised Statutes, county ordinances, city ordinances and other similar documents, the following standards and requirements shall be met:
    1. All signatures of surveyors, notaries, city and county officials, and others shall be in permanent black India type ink. Blue, red or other colors of ink; felt tip or similar pens; ballpoint pens; photographed or otherwise reproduced signatures; etc., are not acceptable.
    2. All lettering, lines and other work shall be either original permanent black India type ink or photographed on polyester film by a silver halide process meeting industry standards for archival permanency. Ink jet as described above in Plat Materials Section II-2 shall be Black ink only (using the color combination that makes black is not archival).
    3. Corrections to maps Ink Jet cannot be made with erasures or eradication, they will need to be crossed out or replotted. Additions will need to be made with compatible ink.
    4. Corrections to the polyester film shall be made in such a manner as to not remove or damage the "matte" or "tooth" of the polyester film in any manner that will affect the archival permanency of the plat. Damage to, or removal of, the "matte" or "tooth" of the polyester film will be cause to reject the plat for filing.
    5. All lettering and lines shall be placed on the face side of the polyester film.
    6. All lettering on the plat shall be of such a size or type as to be clearly legible. A lettering template shall be a minimum size "80" (0.08 inches) for upper case letters and a minimum size "100" (0.1 inches) for lower case letters. Hand lettering shall be done in such a manner so as to conform to these minimum sizes. "Shadow" lettering is not acceptable. All drafting shall be done with a line width and font style compatible with the lettering size.
    7. The plat boundary shall be a solid bold line completely around the tract platted.
    8. Drafting ink shall be suitable for drafting on polyester film.
    9. All surveyor, corporate, or other stamps/seals shall be of a permanent nature and incapable of removal. Stamps/seals shall be black, opaque and legible. "Crimped" seals are not acceptable.
    10. All corrections of silver halide permanent photocopies made by the use of chemical eradicator shall be done in such a manner as to completely neutralize and remove all traces of the chemical from the plats.
    11. No part of the survey or mathematical information or lettering shall come nearer to any edge than one inch. This creates a maximum drafting area of 16 inches by 22 inches.
    12. The plat shall be of such scale that all survey and mathematical information, all lettering, and all other details and information are shown clearly thereon. The plat shall be capable of being microfilmed and reproduced from said microfilm clearly and legibly on such equipment as is made available by the city or county.
    13. Standard engineering scales of 1 inch = 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 feet shall be used. One inch = 100 or 200 feet may be used only with specific prior approval of the county surveyor.
    14. "Stick-on" labels of any type, including business name and address, are not acceptable.
    15. Submitting any wrinkled, folded, creased, crimped, etc. polyester film plat may be cause to reject the plat for filing.


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