Reminder to Persons Platting Property in Clackamas County Regarding Prepayment of Property Taxes

The Assessor's Office must sign your plat before it is recorded, but cannot do so until taxes are paid in full.

The 1993 Legislature amended ORS 92.095 to prohibit the recording of partition and subdivision plats unless all property taxes have been paid in full (including any additional taxes which may be imposed in the process of removing land from any special assessment/deferral programs).

July 1 is the first day of a new fiscal year. If you expect to record a new plat on or after that date, please be advised that you will be required to prepay the next year's property taxes (through next June 30) in advance and in full before your plat can record.

If you expect your plat to be ready to record before you get the next tax statement, you will need to contact the Assessor's Office to let them know that you will be processing a plat and ask them to estimate the tax amount for you. Plan on contacting them for an estimate 1–2 weeks before the Surveyor's Office is ready to approve the plat for recording.

Once the tax amount is calculated, plan to pay the Assessor's Office by cash or money order, so that no delays are created waiting for a personal check to clear your bank. And at the time of payment, we suggest that you notify the person at the counter that payment is being made for the purpose of expediting a plat, so that they can advise other appropriate Tax Department personnel.

Please contact the Tax Department at 503-655-8671 if you have questions regarding how the platting process will affect your property taxes, including policies on farm/forest deferrals.

Remember, failure to pay taxes in full will delay the recording of your plat.

Also, if you plan to delay paying your taxes one or more months after the County Surveyor's Office has signed your plat, please be advised that we will require an updated title report and re-confirmation of Planning Department approval before your plat is released for recording.

If any changes are made to ownership, Trust Deeds, etc., after the County Surveyor has approved the plat but before the plat is recorded, an updated Preliminary Title Report and a confirmation of the plat approval will be required by the County Surveyor's Office.


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