Resolution Services

Resolution Services

Housing Mediation

Start the Eviction Prevention Mediation Process

To open a Eviction Prevention Mediation case and have a mediator follow up with you, please fill out our intake form.

Intake form

If you need to talk with a coordinator, please call 503-655-8850.

About Housing Mediation

Clackamas County is part of statewide demonstration project from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 that funds mediation services for housing related conflict.

  • Flowchart of Tenants working with housing providers and other interested partiesAppropriate for all conflict that impacts the relationship between the housing provider, tenant or anyone else involved.
  • Free of charge for participants
  • Can be utilized pre and post eviction filling (in the court system)
  • Impartial mediators supporting both landlords and tenants

Our goal is to support all sides of the housing crisis in Oregon. We look to support people having direct and meaningful conversations about what it would take to make the situation work best for all parties. This can look like:

  • Agreements around continued housing
  • Deeper understanding of each other and the situation
  • Working together to find partnerships and resources to get needs met (renter assistance and legal aid)
  • Agreement around repayment of rent
  • Options for reimbursement
  • Finding ways to end housing relationship gracefully (negotiated move-out date)



In Partnership With

Housing Rights and Resources 503-650-5750
They are an excellent resource for both landlords and tenants who are attempting to navigate any housing situation. Please feel free to contact them in conjunction with your Housing Mediation needs.

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