Community Road Fund Advisory Committee

This 15-member committee of community members works with staff to:

  • Develop criteria to analyze potential capital congestion relief projects to be funded with countywide vehicle registration fee revenue.
  • Apply that criteria to the high priority congestion relief projects in the County’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) to identify and prioritize the projects.
  • Recommend the order in which capital projects should be constructed.
  • Review the project list annually and report progress to the Board of Commissioners.
Name of View
Community Road Fund Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Jerri Ellington
  • Rich Fiala
  • Sue Hein
  • Warren Holzem
  • Roseann Johnson
  • Stephen Joncus 
  • Danielle Lohmann
  • Nathan McCarty
  • Bill Merchant  
  • James Milliken  
  • James Prichard
  • April Quinn-McGinnis    
  • Marg Stewart 
  • Patricia Tawney
  • Cassie Wilson