Technology Services: Keeping the County Connected

Dave CummingsWhile it is not possible to know with certainty all of the challenges that the future will bring, one assumption seems certain; today's practices will not be adequate to meet tomorrows needs.

Along with this, we know that technology is constantly changing. Therefore as Clackamas County is committed to providing high quality public service, we must continually strive to improve. We can accomplish this by providing the necessary on-going training; improve and upgrade our computer systems, both software and hardware, whenever feasible; and implement county-wide technical standards to ensure compliance.

The Technology Services staff is committed to meeting these goals and look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Digital Counties 2014 First Place
Digital Communities Award 2010       Digital Communities Award 2011       Digital Communities Award 2012       Digital Communities Award 2013

2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate

NATOA 2012 Broadband Fiber Network of the Year