Annual Stormwater System Inspection and Cleaning Report

All privately-owned stormwater systems must be inspected annually and a report submitted to Water Environment Services. If any cleaning or maintenance/repair is performed it must be included in the report.

Site Location and Contact Information
Contact Person

Type and Number of Structures Inspected, Cleaned, or Repaired
(Complete all that apply)

Storm Drains

Manholes/Flow Control Manholes

Hydrodynamic Separators (CDS, Contech, Stormceptor, Vortech, etc.)

Oil-Water Separators

Closed Detention Systems (Detention tanks, pipes, cells, etc.)

Cartridge Filter Vaults

Water Quality/Detention Ponds, Swales & Planters

Inlet/Outlet pipes clear so water can flow freely?”
Vegetation dense and in good condition?
Invasive vegetation at less than 10%?
Sediment accumulation is less than 50% of sump (In pond/swale/planter structures and pond/swale/planter bottom)

Other Structures (use the comment field to provide more detail)

Debris Removed

Total Estimated Amount of Debris Removed

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