Procedures for Submittal of Applications for Prefabricated Structures

"Prefabricated structure" means a building or sub-assembly that has been in whole or substantial part manufactured or assembled using closed construction at an off-site location to be wholly or partially assembled on site; but does not include a manufactured structure. [ORS 455.010(6)]

  1. Clackamas County submittal requirements
    1. Provide two 8-1/2" x 11" or 8-1/2" x 14" plot plans of the building site.
    2. Complete and submit a Building Permit Application.
    3. Provide one copy of design plans approved by the State of Oregon.
    4. Provide two sets of foundation plans for review and inspection. Engineering may be required.
  2. Insignia of Compliance
    All prefabricated structures shall bear an Insignia of Compliance, also known as the "goldtag." "Insignia of Compliance" means the plate affixed to a structure by the Department of Consumer and Business Services or a third party to signify compliance with all state building code requirements for which the structure was inspected [ORS 455.705(7)]. An insignia shall be permanently attached to each unit in a visible location during transportation and after installation.
  3. Clackamas County's site enforcement and inspection responsibility
    1. Plumbing Permits, Electrical Permits and Mechanical Permits are required. Clackamas County will perform a utility connection inspection prior to approving electrical, plumbing, gas and sewage connections to the structure. See OSSC Section 1704.5 for Site Enforcement Agency Responsibility.
    2. Inspect every device and every connection of component assembly to assure that such assembly is capable of developing a complete load path as required by code.
    3. Inspect incomplete structures during on-site construction.
    4. Inspect and approve the installation of prefabricated structures.
    5. Inspect connections at marriage lines between modular units of prefabricated permanent and relocatable buildings to assure that such connections are capable of developing a complete load path as required by the approved plans approved by the State of Oregon.
    6. Issue a Certificate of Occupancy as provided in Section 109 of the OSSC.
  4. Permits for transporting modular units
    Permits for transporting modular units are issued to the mover. No transportation permit or driveway permit will be issued by the Engineering Department without approval of the applicable placement permits.


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