Skill Development Courses

These courses teach the skills and techniques of interest-based mediation. Learn a practical and structured process for helping people in conflict find agreeable solutions. The methods are useful with all kinds of conflicts, including interpersonal, workplace, family, neighborhood, business and intercultural.

Basic Mediation Training

Dates: TBD
Cost: $1,250 (Limited scholarships are available.)

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This highly interactive course teaches the theories, skills and techniques of facilitative, interest-based mediation. Designed for personal and professional development, the course is open to anyone who wants to:

  • Expand their skills in preventing, managing, and resolving disputes
  • Reduce the negative impacts of conflict on their workplaces, families, friends, neighborhoods, and communities
  • Increase their effectiveness in listening to and communicating with people in conflict
  • Work with strong emotions respectfully and constructively
  • Enhance their negotiation skills
  • Manage cross-cultural differences
  • Develop strategies to deal with various elements of conflict
  • Utilize empathy and other active listening skills in all areas of life
  • Serve others as a professional or volunteer mediator in Oregon

Attendees will learn through lecture, interactive exercises, and role-plays coached by skilled and experienced mediation practitioners.

Topics include:

  • Neurobiological roots of conflict and resolution
  • Conflict styles, their strengths, and how to work cross-style
  • Effective listening and questioning techniques
  • The difference between needs, demands, and issues (and why it matters)
  • Impact of power dynamics
  • Encourage understanding and acceptance of cross-cultural differences
  • Creating a brave and respectful space
  • The structure of an effective mediation process
  • Preparing participants
  • Writing effective agreements
  • Ethical standards and behavior

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