Coordinated Housing Access

Coordinated Housing Access (CHA) aims to help people find immediate, alternative housing arrangements, which may include rental assistance or other financial help. If this is not possible, CHA will talk with you about any housing waiting lists you may qualify for. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out and submit the following form, or call 503-655-8575.

  • Si necesitas ayuda en espanol, llama 503-655-8575
  • If you are currently experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault, you may contact the Clackamas Women’s Services at 503-654-2288. There are extra layers of security around protecting the confidentiality of survivors.

Clackamas County strongly encourages people of color and people from other underserved communities to seek assistance.

This is not an application for rental assistance; this form is used to help us gain a better understanding of your current housing situation. A Coordinated Housing Access screener will discuss eligibility and program availability with you. If you are experiencing a housing crisis, visit our Low Cost Housing list.

Please note: we will reach out to through text, unless you specify otherwise.

Youth Line: If you are a person between the ages of 14-24 and are experiencing a housing crisis, you can call or text 503-546-4693 to be connected with youth-specific homelessness diversion program.

Are you experiencing a housing crisis in Clackamas County? (Are you homeless or at risk of homelessness)

Unfortunately we are only able to serve people in Clackamas County. If your answer is no, please contact 211 and ask for housing services in your area.


Head of Household Information

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About Your Household

Where did you sleep last night?
Did you spend last night either in a car, outside, in a shelter, or somewhere without electricity or running water, because you had nowhere else to go?
Are you currently fleeing Domestic Violence or sexual exploitation? (optional)
Are there children in the household under the age of 18?
Are all members of the household 24 years old or younger?
Is there anybody in the household who has served in the US military?
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