COVID-19 Information for Businesses

Clackamas County values our local business community, and we hope these resources will help you support your customers and employees during these challenging times. Business Recovery Centers have been established around Clackamas County. For additional information, contact the Business Recovery Center in your area.

On 6/25/21, Governor Kate Brown announced she was lifting all of the state’s COVID-19 requirements and terminating the county risk level framework on Wednesday, 6/30. What does that mean for businesses?

  • No more statewide mask mandates in most settings, except for health care, airports and transportation, elder care, and school and child care
  • No required capacity limits in restaurants, businesses, faith communities, gyms and entertainment venues
  • No required physical distancing
  • Counties and local public health authorities are responsible for slowing the spread of COVID-19
  • Individuals and organizations able to host gatherings of any size

Businesses and organizations might still choose to implement masking and other precautions to protect children and the most vulnerable in our community. Employers and businesses can require vaccination for entry or participation.

We still have work to do to stop COVID-19. We’re making headway in vaccinating people of color, but a disparity still exists. Distancing and masking precautions might still be advisable in some situations. Vaccinations remain critical for avoiding COVID-19. 

Get your employees vaccinated

On-site COVID-19 Vaccinations

Clackamas County Public Health is working with partners to offer on-site COVID-19 vaccinations to Clackamas County businesses whose employees and families are unable to attend conventional vaccination events. If you are a business in Clackamas County and would like to request an on-site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for your employees, please complete the assessment form. After completing the form, businesses will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss options for an on-site vaccine clinic. For more information, please contact

Participate in the Working Towards Recovery & Resilience gift card program

Employees who become vaccinated can receive a total of $100 in gift cards! Gift cards will be distributed through on-site vaccination events at your business (request on-site clinic by completing form above) or to employees who visit a vaccine clinic hosted by Clackamas County Public Health. Visit our vaccine page for a list of weekly clinics.

Business Recovery Centers

Clackamas County, in partnership with local Chambers of Commerce, have established six Business Recovery Centers to provide resources to help businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

These centers provide a one-stop shop for businesses. Services include:

  • Financial, legal, educational and technical resources
  • Referrals to organizations and tools
  • Interpreters and translation services

Resources for small businesses

Preventing COVID-19 in the workplace

Clackamas County Guidance for Employers

Guidelines and Regulations

Public Health is required to investigate all cases of COVID-19 and identify who may have been exposed. If someone with COVID-19 is determined to have worked during their infectious period, Public Health will reach out to the employer to request assistance with contact tracing. Oregon law requires your cooperation. Public Health may request the following forms from you.


Frequently asked questions


Unemployment benefits may be available to those who are on a temporary layoff. If employees expect to be back to work in four weeks or less, they can get unemployment benefits and do not have to seek work with other employers. They must be able to work, stay in contact with you as their employer and be available to work when you call them back to the job. Find out more information from the Oregon Employment Department.


Clackamas County does not make decisions about closing businesses. Public Health officials investigate all confirmed cases and requires isolation through the infectious period. Any close contact during the infectious period to a person confirmed with COVID-19 must quarantine. Public Health will work directly with employers to ensure precautions are taken to ensure the safety of their employees and the public.


If you are not vaccinated and have been in close contact with the employee while they were infectious, you should stay home until 14 days after your last contact.  


Contact Oregon’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

Following these steps helps you protect yourself, your family and your coworkers:

  • Maintain 6 feet of physical separation with others
  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Cover your mouth with a sleeve or elbow when you cough or sneeze
  • If you begin to feel unwell, leave work and stay home 
  • Stay home until you no longer have symptoms for at least 72 hours
  • Get a COVID test if you have COVID-like symptoms
  • Cooperate with Public Health case investigators if they call
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