Certified Law Student

The Clackamas County DA's office is looking for up to 4 Certified Law Students (CLS) to join our team for a year-long experience.

CLSs begin with a two week training camp followed by a transition to making daily court appearances in a busy and fast-paced environment. Each CLS is teamed up with a misdemeanor prosecutor and assigned up to 75 criminal cases. CLSs are responsible for reviewing new cases and, in consultation with their mentor, making the charging decision and plea offer, and negotiating every case assigned to them. Cases not resolved by guilty plea are set for trial and handled by the CLS. Each CLS receives trial advocacy training, and their first trial is conducted with their trial mentor. CLSs are also responsible for handling weekly civil commitment hearings in conjunction with mental health professionals at regional hospitals.

This position can be an externship for school credit, or qualify for work study. Candidates must be certified to make court appearances in the summer before their third year.

In addition to on campus interviews we are recruiting and interviewing at our office in Oregon City. If you are interested in "job shadowing" one of our prosecutors and checking out our office, please email Sr DDA Bryan Brock at  bryanbro@clackamas.us to set up a tour.

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