Human Trafficking

Victim Assistance provides support for victims of trafficking when a case is prosecuted as well as the collaboration of the Clackamas County Human Trafficking MDT (HTMDT). For anyone who is a victim of trafficking, being able to leave the situation can be extremely difficult for a variety of reasons:

  • Stockholm Syndrome (sympathy/empathy with their trafficker)
  • Debt bondage
  • Isolation
  • Fear of authority figures
  • Fear of worse abuse if they leave
  • Embarrassment/shame
  • Survival

Some signs that a person may be a victim of trafficking are:

  • Chronic runaway (minor)
  • Prior or current DHS involvement
  • Poor attendance at school
  • Unexplained bruises/injuries
  • Scripted answers/ inconsistent stories
  • Just visiting a “friend” or unknown residence address
  • Tattoos or brandings/ gang affiliation
  • Frequent travel on the I-5 corridor
  • “Boyfriend” much older man
  • Attire does not match weather conditions

Victim Assistance supports trafficking victims through immediate crisis intervention, on scene response, safety planning, on-going support and information and referrals to other resources. An advocate can be reached at 503-655-8616 24/7.

Additional Resources

Safety Compass
P.O. Box 1293
Silverton, OR 97381
971-235-0012 (24hrs)
Immediate response and on-going support for survivors of the sex industry in Clackamas, Marion and Washington counties.

A Village for One
PO Box 3973 Tualatin OR 97062
Provides outpatient mental health services to youth, ages 25 and under, in Clackamas and Marion counties who are victims of trafficking or at high risk for trafficking.

National Human Trafficking Hotline
The National Human Trafficking Hotline connects victims and survivors of sex and labor trafficking with services and supports to get help and stay safe. The Trafficking Hotline also receives tips about potential situations of sex and labor trafficking and facilitates reporting that information to the appropriate authorities in certain cases.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
TTY: 711
Text: 233733
National hotline for reporting missing children and suspected child victims of sex trafficking.

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