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Per Oregon Revised Statutes {ORS) 132.440 "once yearly a Grand Jury shall inquire into the condition and management of every correctional facility and youth correctional facility... in the county". The seven-member Grand Jury, comprised of county citizens of varying backgrounds and experiences, was tasked with reviewing the operations, conditions, and management of correctional facilities in Clackamas County.

Minority Drug Convictions

The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission has conducted a study that has examined whether or not there are racial disparities in the prosecution of Possession of Controlled Substance cases in Oregon. Although they have not published their study at this point, it is posted on their website.

When the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office was verbally notified of this study by CJC we requested that the executive director, Michael Schmidt present his findings to the leadership of our office. We wanted to be informed of their findings to better educate ourselves on the issue. The presentation was in the form of a power point without any written handouts. The leadership team in our office (senior deputies and managers) were very concerned by the data presented. Our office has remained vigilant to fight discrimination and racism as a crucial part of our obligation to pursue justice in our cases. So these findings were very disturbing to our team. No explanation was offered by the CJC for these results.

It is vitally important to understand that all criminal cases prosecuted by this office are first investigated by the police agencies. The District Attorney’s Office does not initiate cases. They are brought to the office by law enforcement agencies. However, to better understand this data, our office requested a list of the criminal cases that were contained in the data presented by the CJC. The list included 53 cases in 2015 that involved defendants of color: black, Hispanic, Asian or Native American. We ordered the police reports for each case and then examined the facts of each case. We also looked at any patterns, such as what or who first initiated the investigation (police, private citizen, etc.). After we collected all the information, we organized it in a 10 page report that is attached to this message. We encourage anyone who is interested to examine this information.

Finally, one of the challenges in interpreting this data is the small case sample. In a county of almost 400,000, there were 21 African Americans and 31 Hispanics listed. If there had been 10 less of each group there would have been much less disparity in the report. When the numbers are that small in the sample, it inherently makes the results unstable and unscientific.

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s office will remain vigilant in its efforts to stand against racism and discrimination. In our criminal justice system there is simply no place for acts of injustice

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