Flooding Preparedness

Are you prepared for flooding? Learn how you can take steps to protect your home and family

This video discusses the history of flood events in Clackamas County and the differing scales in which they have unfolded, what life is like for a homeowner along the Sandy River and how climate change and glacial retreat could intensify future flooding events and increase their frequency.

This video explains erosion and channel migration and how it is often the most damaging component of flood events. It examines how channelized rivers can sometimes adversely affect the surrounding environment in unforeseeable ways and recent efforts to remap the flood hazard zones in the region.

This video examines a restoration site along the Sandy River that enhances the habitat for wildlife and works to reduce and spread out the force of the river through woody debris installations and reconnecting a side channel so the Sandy River has a release valve during high water events.

Flood insurance agent, Gail Moldovan-Trujillo explains three ways homeowners can reduce their rates and better protect their homes in the process. Elevation Certificates, proper venting, and other mitigation efforts like filling in foundations are examined.

How You Can Be Prepared

Flooding poses a threat to life and safety and can cause severe damage to public and private property. Below are some links you may find helpful when preparing for flooding.

River levels in Clackamas County are monitored by a network of river gauges that help us predict the when peak water levels will occur in our communities. We also work with fire districts to provide sand bag distribution locations to assist residents in protecting their homes from flooding.

Weather and Flood Forecasting Information

Damage Done by Recent Floods

Flooding events during the last 50 years have ravaged parts of Clackamas County. Just some of the results of these events include:

  • One man died when his house collapsed into Wildcat Creek.
  • Almost forty homes near the Brightwood area alone were completely destroyed with no trace of having been there.
  • The Oregon City Shopping Center was inundated by 34.5 inches of water, with the shopping basements of JCPenney and Grants being completely submerged.
  • Nearly $4 million was needed for repairs to public infrastructure that included damages to Lolo Pass Road, the Zigzag River bridge, and county Water Environment Services wastewater facilities.
  • At least 37 residential properties suffered significant bank erosion and face increased future erosion threats.

Documentary videos

Sandy River flood recovery contacts

Clackamas County

Hoodland Fire District
69634 E. Highway 26, Welches
(8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week)
Emergency: 9-1-1

Sandy River Basin Watershed Council
26000 SE Stark Street, GE Building
Gresham, OR 97030

Department of State Lands
Anita Huffman, anita.huffman@dsl.state.or.us, 503-986-5250
Wetlands/Waterways Removal-Fill
Wetlands/Waterways Removal-Fill Forms and Publications

Department Staff
Jay Wilson
Resilience Coordinator