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garbage pileWe created Dump Stoppers with our partners in 2003 to clean up county-owned forests.

An increase of illegal dumpsites has taken its toll on forest lands in Clackamas County over the years. This continuing problem is so significant that it has led to the closure of some recreation areas in the county.

The Dump Stoppers program has proven highly successful.

Every year, Dump Stoppers removes over 100,000 pounds of waste from our forests. This waste includes cars, tires, scrap metal, and hazardous material.

We need your help with Dump Stoppers program. Call us if you see or suspect illegal dumping on federal, county, or industrial timber company lands.

Call us at 503-650-3333 to:

  • Report illegal dumps on federal, county, or industrial timber company lands in Clackamas County
  • Request a presentation
  • Request a Dump Stoppers bumper sticker, window decal, or sign for your yard
  • Start a Dump Stoppers program if you live outside of Clackamas County

What Can You Do To Help?

Follow these tips to practice shooting responsibly.

There are many resources and locations to dispose of solid waste and recycling.

Our Partners

The BLM, Forest Service and Clackamas County fund the Dump Stoppers Program. The Program is a partnership with other forestland owners that manage property within or upstream from Forest Service and BLM lands.

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