November Election 2013

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Voters' Pamphlets

Aurora Rural Fire Protection District

City of Damascus/Gresham-Barlow School District

Lake Oswego School District/Riverdale Fire District

City of West Linn


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City of West Linn Measure 3-432 Bond measure for West Linn Aquatic and Community Center

Measure Arguments Supporting Measure 3-432

Measure Arguments Opposing Measure 3-432

City of Damascus Measure 3-433 Measure to disincorporate the City of Damascus

Measure Arguments Supporting Measure 3-433

Measure Arguments Opposing Measure 3-433

Lake Oswego School District Measure 3-434 Five-year local option levy renewal for school education programs

Measure Arguments Supporting Measure 3-434

No opposing arguments were file for Measure 3-434

Aurora Rural Fire Protection District Measurer 24-354 Renew current tax levy for emergency fire and medical services

Measure Arguments Supporting Measure 24-354

No opposing arguments were filed for Measure 24-354

Gresham Barlow Schools Measure 26-153 Bond to increase safety; update, expand, rebuild schools

No supporting or opposing arguments were filed for Measure 26-153

Riverdale Fire District Measure 26-155 Five year local option levy

No supporting or opposing arguments were filed for Measure 26-155

Important Election Dates:

Sept 5 – deadline for cities and districts to file measures or lists of candidates.
Sept. 9 –  deadline to file candidate statements or measure arguments for the voters pamphlet.
Sept. 13 –  voters pamphlet filings become public record.
Sept. 21 – deadline to mail military/overseas ballots.
Oct. 7 – mailing of out-of-state ballots.
Oct. 18 –  mailing of local ballots.


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