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Visit our Closures page for the latest information about office closures.
We also encourage you to call before visiting any county office.
Office Closures

If you are registered to vote and need to update your address, an online form is available here:  Change of Address.

We administer and conduct all Federal, State, County, City and Special District elections in Clackamas County

Our office advises voters, candidates, political parties, cities, special districts, and others about administrative rules and statutes applicable to election laws. We oversee election filing, forms, and voter registration. The office also prepares ballots and voters' pamphlets, receives and processes returned ballots, and completes election result tallies. We are a division of the Office of the County Clerk of Clackamas County. The County Clerk is Sherry Hall.

Election FAQ


Most Oregonians (those with Oregon DMV numbers) can register online at  All others can complete a voter registration card and return to the Elections Office.  Voter Registration cards are available online at, post offices, libraries, etc. Note: Registration deadline for new voters is Oct. 13!


Voters can confirm their ballot has been received and accepted by visiting The site refreshes daily, so it could take up to 48 hours to display the accurate information.


Voting early allows extra time for your ballot to be received by county election staff. It allows time to confirm your ballot has been received prior to the election and allows more results to be included in the Election Night tallies.


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing election offices around the country to transition to vote-by-mail for the safety of voters and election workers. That coupled with reports of delays to USPS processes have increased concern about voting by mail. Clackamas County ballot envelope designs have been pre-approved by USPS for the highest level of automation that will ensure the quickest delivery.


Oregon has been voting by mail exclusively since voters approved Measure 60 in 1998 by the overwhelming margin of 69.4% to 30.6%. However, local elections have been conducted by mail in Oregon since Linn County Clerk Del Riley first pioneered the process in 1981 and it was made permanent state-wide for local elections in 1987. Learn more here.


Voters can vote from home without having to go to a polling place.

Clackamas County has 25 ballot drop sites located through the county – each one will be accessible to the public 24/7 from Oct. 14 until 8 p.m. on Election Night. These boxes allow a voter to return their ballot without any touch points and several have drive-through traffic patterns that allow a voter to deposit their ballot from their vehicle.

The signature on every ballot envelope is verified against the signature from the voter’s registration card on file before that ballot is accepted for processing. In case a signature is missing or unable to match, the Elections Office will notify the voter who has until Nov. 17 to resolve the issue and have their ballot accepted.


Yes! Ballots are mailed to military and overseas voters 45 days prior to the election to ensure extra time for the ballot delivery. Ballots will be mailed to military and overseas voters on Sept. 18. Also, military and overseas voters have the opportunity to retrieve their ballot packets online and return them electronically. The Elections Office will reach out by email to these voters when the online site is live on Sept. 22.


Oregon City will be voting a Recall Election Ballot (due Nov. 10) that overlaps with the General Election Ballot (due Nov. 3). To ensure votes are counted correctly, it will be critical for residents to keep their materials separate and carefully follow the instructions in their packets. The Recall Election ballot must go in the corresponding envelope with blue and black stripes, and the General Election ballot must go in the corresponding envelope with the yellow bar. Materials must be kept separate. Learn more here. November 10, 2020 Recall Election



1710 Red Soils Court, Suite 100 Oregon City, OR 97045

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⚠ Visit our Closures page for the latest information about office closures.
We also encourage you to call before visiting any county office.