Performance Improvement

H3S is committed to improving our programs and ensuring better outcomes for the people we serve.  Every day we strive to be more efficient and effective.  Our approach to performance improvement focuses on three areas: planning, performance measurement, and continuous process improvement.

H3S Planning and Priorities
We are always working to achieve the goals of the Department.  Visit our planning and priorities page to learn more about our priorities and strategies to achieve these goals.

Performance Measurement
In order to know how well we are doing, and where to apply effort to improve, H3S measures our programs and the results of their work very carefully.  Visit our performance measurement page to see how each of our divisions is doing in a wide variety of categories.

Continuous Process Improvement
Continuous Process Improvement (sometimes called “Lean”) was originally developed in the private sector to help companies achieve more efficiency with higher quality.  Visit our Continuous Process Improvement page to learn more about how we have put Lean concepts to work in H3S.

If you have a question or would like to request more information about the Department, please call 503-650-5697.

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