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Applicant: Val and Peggy Holyoak

Property Owner: Val and Peggy Holyoak

Proposal: The applicant proposes to operate a home occupation to host events, such as weddings, family gatherings, and corporate events. The events will include no more than 200 people per event, but the focus of their business will be on “micro-weddings” with 50 people or less per event. The applicant proposes a gravel parking lot with 72 vehicle parking spaces.

Events will take place outdoors. The applicant proposes to use a portion of an existing barn as storage for event furnishings. The existing home will be used for the administrative offices, bride/groom staging rooms, housekeeping items and dishware storage.

Applicable Zoning and Development Ordinance Criteria: Sections 202, 401, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1010, 1015, 1203, and 1307
These criteria may be viewed online

Site Address and/or Location: 39800 SE Thomas Rd., Sandy, OR 97055

Assessor’s Map: T2S, R4E, Section 12, Tax Lot 102, W.M.

Property Size: 21 acres

Zoning: Exclusive Farm Use (EFU)