House the People: How #ClackCo is Working Together to End Prolonged Homelessness

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In September, Clackamas County held a two-day strategy and training convening with 50 homeless service providers from across the county. Staff and partners were very excited to have more options and resources to offer residents who are facing housing crises, and to work together with many other agencies to create a county-wide solution.

Coordinated Housing Access supervisor Lauren Adamski, who led the convening, sees the path forward to end prolonged homelessness, saying, “We are here to come together and learn approaches for our most vulnerable clients going through a housing crisis. Now thanks to new supportive housing services funding, we have the resources to work with people who are on the brink of losing housing to catch them before they fall into the deep depths of homelessness.”

Topics during the convening included landlord mediation, how to communicate with people experiencing homelessness, how to support homeless people to create their own goals and solutions, preventing homelessness before it happens, and domestic violence.

“We’re all working on the same purpose, and that’s to house the people,” said Glen Suchanek, supervisor for Clackamas County’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program. Because of this effort, he continued, “I see better safety for the community as we house people, I see a cleaner community.”