County health centers take tremendous pride in quality of care


Sandy Health Center staff members celebrate the grand opening of their new patient-friendly clinic.
Sandy Health Center staff members celebrate the grand opening of their new patient-friendly clinic.

Anyone who has visited one of the Clackamas Health Centers sprinkled throughout the county knows the goal of the clinics is simple: To provide top-quality primary, dental, and behavioral health care to local residents, from infants to seniors.

“We take tremendous pride in our quality of care,” said Sarah Jacobson, Clackamas Health Centers interim director. “We provide low-cost, high-quality health care on par with any other providers.”

Clackamas Health Centers serves more than 20,000 patients each year at seven centers and clinics. It also operates school-based health centers at seven area high schools, including dental services at two locations.

Some centers specialize by age or service. Gladstone Health Center, for example, provides pediatric primary, dental, and behavioral health care for children ages 0–17. Hilltop and Stewart Behavioral Health Clinics, meanwhile, focus on mental health services.

Others provide a full range of services to everyone in their communities. The doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, and behavioral health therapists at the new Sandy Health Center, for example, work together to take care of all of a patient’s needs in the same office. The new building also includes an onsite Genoa Healthcare pharmacy to fi ll patients’ prescriptions.

The centers accept many health plans, including Medicare, Oregon Health Plan, and various private health plans, and can courtesy bill insurance companies. For those without insurance, the centers offer low sliding-scale fees based on income. No one is refused care due to an inability to pay.

Clackamas Health Centers provides a patient-centered medical home for patients and clients. The patients and clients are part of the care team; clinical professionals take the lead from them on health issues the patients think are important to their overall health.

“We are your partners in care. We provide exceptional care for the whole person, with dignity and respect,” Jacobson said.

Health centers are also trauma informed in their design and operation.

“Most people don’t like visiting health care offices. But some people’s life experiences make the idea of even routine checkups a very traumatic experience,” Jacobson said. “Our staff is trained and our new buildings are designed to provide comfort and support, and make patients’ experiences as positive as possible.”

The new Sandy Health Center is a great example of the principle.

“It’s a very visually appealing and patient- and client-friendly clinic, with lots of space and natural light,” Jacobson said. “We are so proud to provide comprehensive health services to eastern Clackamas County in such a world-class facility.”

Whoever you are or wherever you live in Clackamas County, one of our health centers is ready to serve you. Call 503-655-8471 or click here to learn more.