Eviction Prevention Mediation Program Open for Referrals through June 30


Clackamas County has a free eviction prevention mediation program for any county landlord or tenant who has a housing concern. Some of the reasons for mediation may include loss of income, conflict with tenants, noise concerns, property concerns, and late payments. In February 2023, 14 out of 16 mediations resulted in preventing eviction.

For full details, the intake form, and flyers for tenant and landlords in six languages, visit: www.clackamas.us/ccrs/eviction-prevention-mediation

In March, staff were able to help a single parent and young child remain housed. The parent walked into the Coordinated Housing Access (CHA) office looking for help. The tenant was set to go before a judge in less than 24 hours’ time about an immediate eviction notice. CHA team members sprang to action, calling the mediation program. The mediator called the property owner and worked with the tenant to apply for county rent assistance. The property manager stated, “I want to personally thank you for your time and efforts to support not only the tenant but us as the landlord as well. I believe this is a beneficial program and have already given out your information to some other tenants needing support.”

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