Recycle batteries curbside

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Making a trip to drop off old batteries is now a thing of the past for many county residents.

You can now recycle batteries curbside if you live in a single-family home with garbage and recycling service in Clackamas County. All you’ll need is your own glass bin and to keep a few things in mind.

What we do with old batteries matters

Batteries power many of our home electronics. They are in smoke detectors, remote controls, video game controllers, bathroom scales, flashlights, hearing aids, and watches, to name a few. We also have rechargeable batteries in our cell phones, laptops, and other devices. Eventually these batteries die and need to be discarded.

Improper disposal of batteries with a certain chemical composition can lead to big problems. Discarded batteries have frequently caused mini fires at local transfer stations, as well as occasionally in garbage/recycling trucks on Clackamas County roads. To limit fire risk and protect our drivers, trucks, and facilities, proper disposal of batteries is extremely important

3 steps for leaving discarded batteries for curbside pickup

Sticky tape dispenser


Depending on the type of battery, you may need to tape the ends using clear tape

Tape Both EndsDo Not Tape
Button cellAlkaline (AAA to D)
RechargeableCarbon Zinc
Lithium/lithium-ion6- & 9-volt
Battery Packs (laptop/cell phone) 

TIP: Have multiple hearing aid (or other button cell) batteries? Save time by laying out a long piece of packaging tape, place the button cell batteries on the tape — be sure not to let batteries touch each other — and then place another long piece of tape on top.

Plastic bag filled with batteries

2. BAG

Place taped and un-taped batteries together in a clear one-quart zip-sealed clear plastic bag.

Glass recycling bin


Place the zip-sealed bag on top of the glass bottles and jars in your glass bin and set out on your regular garbage day. Please only set out the glass bin when it is at least half-full. Limit of a single one-quart bag per pickup.

Live in an apartment or condo?

While the program is currently limited to single-family households because of collection logistics with glass bins, Clackamas County Sustainability and Solid Waste staff are working with garbage and recycling companies to figure out a way to safely offer the program at apartment and condo communities.

Disposal options

Drop-off disposal locations

All battery types:

  • Metro South Household Hazardous Waste Facility    
    2001 Washington St., Oregon City - free (up to 35 gallons)
  • Universal Recycling Technologies (URT)    
    10151 SE Jennifer St., Clackamas — fee
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs — free & fee

Rechargeable batteries only (free, restrictions apply):

  • Lowes
  • Home Depot