Public hearing for proposed code amendments for dog enforcement, Feb. 29

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Minor clarifications will make dog licensing easier, improve public safety

OREGON CITY, Or. – Members of the public are invited to comment on proposed code amendments related to the Dog Services program to clarify language and processes. These changes are intended to improve public safety, increase efficiency for dog licensing and violations hearings, and support the financial health of the program. 

The opportunity to comment will take place at the 10 a.m. Board of County Commissioners business meeting on Feb. 29 on the fourth floor in the county’s Public Services Building, located at 2051 Kaen Road in Oregon City. Send your comments to or call the board office at 503-655-8581. A second public hearing for additional comments and board action will be scheduled and posted online a week before the meeting. 

The proposed code amendment changes include:

  • Remove outdated references to enforcement of animal rescue entities since the state agriculture department now holds that responsibility. 
  • Clarifies the definition of secure enclosure to include the interior of a home, or exclude the interior of the home if appropriate. 
  • Clarifies the definition of “violation” to allow for specific continuous violations to count as separate daily violations rather than one violation occurring during multiple days. 
  • Requires a rabies vaccination be valid at the time of issuance instead of for the entire license period. 
  • Exempts dogs used in law enforcement from incurring fees for licenses. 
  • Allows some violations to be resolved without attending a hearing. 
  • Clarifies the dog control officer’s role in presenting legal arguments, examining witnesses and presenting evidence at a hearing.
  • Allows a hearings officer to amend decisions to correct clerical errors or add context for how to comply with an order.  
  • Requires a deposit for a dog to stay at the shelter while the owner appeals a decision. 
  • Clarifies the hearings officer can impose a fee for shelter stay when ruling on a violation.  

The Dog Services program is part of the county’s Department of Transportation and Development. The program provides dog sheltering, stray care, adoptions, and lost and found services. Dog Services reunites owners with lost dogs and matches adoptable dogs with good homes. Learn more at

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