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Children, Family and Community Connections, Board of County Commissioners, Health Housing and Human Services

County preparing an application for Child Care Scholarships

Board of County Commissioners

Clackamas County is proud of the essential housing and homelessness programs we…

Board of County Commissioners

Commissioners held joint session to select a replacement.

Board of County Commissioners

Following the resignation of State Rep. Anna Williams, Clackamas County, Hood…

Board of County Commissioners, County Courthouse
Close up of Clackamas County Courthouse

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners approved selecting a contractor to…

Board of County Commissioners

Assists local nonprofits that provide services to vulnerable populations.

Board of County Commissioners, Housing Authority
Clackamas Commissioners at Tukwila Springs grand opening

Utilizes Metro Affordable Housing Bond funds.

Board of County Commissioners, Elections

Chair Smith: "The May primary election results were officially certified on…

Board of County Commissioners, Budget
Calculator with budget charts

Public safety prioritized; Supportive Housing Services funding a highlight

Elections, Clerk, Board of County Commissioners
Several "I Voted" stickers laying on a table

#ClackCo Clerk Sherry Hall and others updated the Board of County Commissioners…

Board of County Commissioners
Transportation and Development, Board of County Commissioners

In action on April 21, the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners approved…