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County Courthouse, Board of County Commissioners
Dignitaries at courthouse groundbreaking

Courthouse will modernize the legal process and prevent delays in justice.

Board of County Commissioners

Courthouse, tolling, state partnership, housing, mental health and addiction…

Board of County Commissioners, Assessment and Taxation, Clerk, Justice Court, Treasurer

Six officeholders were elected this past year.

Board of County Commissioners, Recovery

For Hillside Park Housing Redevelopment Project and to decommission outdated…

Board of County Commissioners

View some of the major initiatives realized by the county.

Board of County Commissioners

The Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking an interested resident to serve…

Board of County Commissioners

A total of 26 groups were selected for grants out of 64 applications

Community Project, Library, Board of County Commissioners
Elected officials and community members standing in front of the new sign in front of the location of the future Gladstone Library

Bringing the vision of a one library/two branch model in Gladstone and Oak…

Board of County Commissioners, Recovery, Community Project
The American Rescue Plan

Libraries, fairground, C800 towers receive funding

Board of County Commissioners, Recovery
A father helps his young son put on a protective face mask before leaving their home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of its federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding from the federal…

Board of County Commissioners

Our program committed over $11 million in contracts this last year to address…

Children, Family and Community Connections, Board of County Commissioners, Health Housing and Human Services

County preparing an application for Child Care Scholarships