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Wildfires, Disaster Management
Wildfire preparedness symbol

May is National Wildfire Awareness Month. The memories of the 2020 Clackamas…

Disaster Management

Use caution on county roads, warming centers are open and other safety tips

Public & Government Affairs, Disaster Management
Ice on Fence
Board of County Commissioners, Coronavirus, Disaster Management
Commissioners distribute supplies
Board of County Commissioners, Disaster Management, Wildfires
Close-up of flames

High winds and dry air mass have caused several wildfires.

Disaster Management

State recommends against closing schools and campuses where no cases of COVID-…

Disaster Management, Public Health

Public Health works to increase local preparedness and response in the event of…

Transportation and Development, Disaster Management

Transportation Maintenance is responsible for keeping our county transportation…

Disaster Management

Our teams work each day to help customers construct, alter, and maintain safe…

Disaster Management

We all play a role in disaster preparedness. Find out how the various divisions…

Disaster Management
Make a kit

Disasters don’t plan ahead—but you can.