Personnel Ordinance and Employment Policies (EPPs)

There are several sources of policies and procedures that govern your employment at the County. Knowing where to go to find answers for your particular situation is important. The following are the main sources for employment policies at the County. In addition to these County policies, your department may have additional policies, procedures and work rules that will be shared when you start employment. If you ever need assistance or just want to ask us a question, please contact any of us in Human Resources: 503-655-8459.

County Code (Personnel Ordinance 2.05)
Chapter 2.05 of the County Code is dedicated to Personnel Policies and Procedures for County employees and applicants for employment. It serves as the overall policy for employment at the County

Collective Bargaining Agreements
The County has eight (8) unions and each union has a collective bargaining agreement that serves as the agreement between the employees in that union and the County. Represented employees should check their bargaining agreement prior to other employment policies to see if a policy has been negotiated. A negotiated policy in a collective bargaining agreement will take precedence over other employment policy.

Employment Policies and Practices (EPPs)
The County has over 50 individual policy and procedures memos written on various employment topics. Topics range from Family Medical leave, Military Leave, Inclement Weather, Driving policy, etc. Click on the link above to see the entire list of topics and to access a particular EPP.
Below are links to a select few of the over 50 EPPs that may be of interest as you begin employment with us.
EPP 1: Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint & Grievance Resolution Procedure
EPP 2: Harassment
EPP 7: Military Leave
EPP 8: Crime Victim Leave
EPP 10: Family & Medical Leave Policy
EPP 12: Inclement Weather
EPP 16: Transfer Policy
EPP 39: Domestic Violence Victim Leave

Note: There are many additional policies and procedures for employees and the County to follow. We encourage you to explore the above links to the sources of policies and/or access the Human Resources pages. If you need any assistance finding the answers to any of your employment questions, please contact Human Resources at 503-655-8459 and we would be happy to assist you.