Employment Policy and Practice (EPP)

EPP 1Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
EPP 2Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace and Complaint Procedure
EPP 3Workplace Accommodations
EPP 4Layoff for Inability to Perform Job Duties
EPP 5Drug Free Workplace Act and Policy Proclamation
EPP 7Military Leave
EPP 8Crime Victim Leave
EPP 9Transitional Duty
EPP 10Protected Leave of Absence
EPP 11Leaves of Absence
EPP 12Inclement Weather, Major Emergencies, and Disasters
EPP 13Job Sharing
EPP 14Posting Requirements
EPP 15Overtime Payment, Fair Labor Standards Act
EPP 16Transfer Policy
EPP 17Temporary Out-of-Classification Work
EPP 18Reclassification Procedures
EPP 19Classification/Compensation Review Panel
EPP 20Supervisory and Confidential Employee Exemptions from the Bargaining Unit
EPP 21Position Allocation and Job Requisition Procedures
EPP 22Personnel Action Forms
EPP 23Pre-Employment Inquiries
EPP 24Employment Related Physical Assessments
EPP 25Reference Checks
EPP 26Finding an Applicant Not Suitable
EPP 27Employment of Persons with Arrest or Conviction Records
EPP 28Employment of Minors
EPP 29Appointment Letter for New Employees
EPP 30Immigration Reform and Control Act (I-9 Form)
EPP 31Employment of Temporary and Limited Term Employees
EPP 32Part-time, Temporary and Limited Term Employees - Benefits and Service Accruals
EPP 33Employee Benefits
EPP 34Violence in the Workplace Policy
EPP 35Performance Management
EPP 36Disciplinary Procedures
EPP 37Reduction In Force — Layoff Procedures
EPP 38Temporary Layoffs and Reduction in Hours - Financial Impact (PDF)
EPP 39Domestic Violence Victim Leave
EPP 41Exit Interview Program
EPP 42Personnel Records
EPP 43Veterans' Preference Points
EPP 44Whistleblower and Fraud Hotline Policy
EPP 45Reinstatement Procedures
EPP 46Leave Donation Program
EPP 47Employees Serving On Advisory Boards And Commissions
EPP 48Teleworking Policy & Procedures
EPP 49Employment of Limited Term Employees
EPP 50Cellular Telephone Use Policy
EPP 51Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policy
EPP 52Driving and Vehicle Policy
EPP 53Payroll Emergencies and Lost Paychecks
EPP 57Transit Assistance Program
EPP 58Employment Criminal History Checks
EPP 59Appropriate Use Policy Technology and Information (FAQs)
EPP 60Domestic Violence and Other related Violence Awareness Assistance
EPP 63Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy – Department of Transportation (USDOT)
EPP 66Vacation Leave
EPP 76Paid Family and Medical Leave


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