Drinking Water Program

Safeguarding public drinking water supplies.

Water TankThe State Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services contracts with Clackamas County Environmental Health to administer and enforce drinking water quality standards for public water systems in Clackamas County. These systems use groundwater and serve a population of 3300 or less. Clackamas County has roughly 325 public water systems that meet this criteria. A water system survey is conducted at EPA systems once every 3 to 5 years.

Clackamas County's Drinking Water Program is a resource for water system operators and the public when dealing with water quality alerts, public notices, water monitoring & testing, and sanitary hazard analysis.

Clackamas County does not provide drinking water testing for the general public. Find an accredited drinking water laboratory here. 

Public Water System Classifications

  • Community Water System
    A water system which supplies drinking water to 25 or more of the same people year-round in their residences. Examples are cities, towns, subdivisions, mobile home parks, and the like.
  • Non-transient Non-community Water System
    A water system which supplies water to 25 or more of the same people at least six months per year in places other than their residences. Examples include schools, hospitals and work places.
  • Transient Non-community Water System
    A water system that serves a transient population of 25 or more persons. Examples includes restaurants or campgrounds where people do not remain for long periods of time.
  • State Regulated (Non-EPA) Water System
    Water systems which provides water to small residential communities between 4 and 14 connections, or serves from 10 to 24 persons a day at least 60 days a year, or is licensed by the Health Division or delegate county health department but is not a Transient Water System

Private wells are not regulated, and routine testing is up to you.

Resources for Private Wells

Drinking Water Related Forms and Resources

  • Revised Coliform Sampling Plan Word | PDF
  • Preparing for a Water System Survey PDF
  • Operations & Maintenance Manual Template Word
  • Level 1 Coliform Investigation Form Word | PDF
  • Public Notice Template - Fecal Coliform / E. coli MCL Word 
  • Public Water System Rules - OAR CH 333 Division 061 PDF
  • Translated Drinking Water Warnings Word | PDF
  • Small Water System Enabling Authority Template PDF

Additional Resources

More information can be found on the OHA Drinking Water Program web page.


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