Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Clackamas County are provided under contract by American Medical Response (AMR) and local fire agencies throughout the county.

AMR and fire agencies respond 24/7 to 9-1-1 calls with Advanced Life Support paramedics and transports to four local area hospitals and two Level 1 trauma centers in the metro area.

The Clackamas County Public Health Division is responsible for regulatory oversight, ongoing quality improvement initiatives and administration of the EMS Council that provides strategic policy direction to the Board of County Commissioners.

Care facilities: What happens when you call 911?

Watch this educational video for care facilities on the proper use of 911 and best practices for interacting with the system. This video can be used for initial training of care facility staff as well as continuing education.  

911 Educational Brochure 
An educational brochure for care facilities on the proper use of 911 and best practice for interacting with the 911 system. This brochure can be sent electronically or printed to help train care facility staff, as well as serve as a resource that can be quickly referenced as needed.

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