Public Health Advisory Council

Clackamas County Public Health Division (CCPHD) provides an array of services and programs aimed at protecting and promoting the health of the residents of our county. A major responsibility of the division is to create partnerships to work collaboratively in addressing health issues. One way to engage community members is through the Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC).

The PHAC provides a sounding board and a community voice in the review and revision of public health programs, strategies and goals. The PHAC assures a needed link to community input for the implementation of the Community Health Improvement Plan and in assuring alignment with standards addressing community partnerships. The PHAC also convenes as an ethics committee for the Clackamas County Public Health Division.

Function/Roles of the PHAC

The purpose of the council is to provide the voice of the community to CCPHD and a forum for the discussion of population health issues that impact Clackamas County residents. Some of the functions of the PHAC include:

  • Advise the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners and Public Health staff in the development of activities, strategies and priorities to achieve community health improvement goals.
  • Review and develop reports, planning documents and publications. Make funding and policy recommendations to assure alignment with public health goals and standards.
  • Link public health programs and services to the broad cross-section of populations throughout the county.
  • Promote public health initiatives and activities. Participate in community education and engagement.
  • Deliberate as an ethics committee. Review and discuss community-based public health ethics issues occurring within the county.
  • Advocate for policy and system changes that improve the health of communities in Clackamas County. Optional activities could include providing oral or written testimony, helping to identify coalitions of support for health policy, and participating in legislative activities.

Membership and Composition of the PHAC

The Council will not exceed 16 members. Representation on the Council will be made up of the following:

  • (Minimum 1 position) the business community,
  • (Minimum 4 positions: 2 rural, 2 urban) residents/community members: suburban, rural
  • (Minimum 1 position) food/nutrition,
  • (Minimum 1 position) healthcare organization(s),
  • (Minimum 1 position) community based organization(s), CBO
  • (Minimum 1 position) government agency(ies)
  • (Minimum 1 position) schools/education and;
  • (Minimum 1 position) youth/students.

PHAC members will serve staggered 3-year membership terms, for a maximum of two terms or six years.

Proactive recruitment efforts will be made by the Council to solicit new members from high priority geographic areas, priority populations, and a variety of industries within the county. Intentional efforts during recruitment will be made to be inclusive of priority populations and Individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Members are encouraged to spend additional time outside of meetings reading current public health literature, preparing for PHAC meetings, attending CCPHD meetings and task groups and building partnerships to support implementation of the Blueprint for a Healthy Clackamas County/Community Health Improvement Plan. All members of the Council will serve without compensation. However, policies and practices to welcome community members (e.g. evening hours, dinner, childcare, mileage reimbursement etc.) will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Clackamas County Community Health Improvement Plan

PHAC provides oversight of the implementation of the Blueprint for a Healthy Clackamas County/ Community Health Improvement Plan and convenes a Blueprint Steering Committee.

Meetings and Attendance

A minimum of six meetings will be held a year, preferably every other month, for a minimum of 90 minutes at various locations within Clackamas County or via Zoom. Considerations will be made regarding the environmental impact on how and where meetings are conducted. At least one of these six meetings will be an ethics deliberation. Members shall attend a minimum of four meetings during a calendar year. If a member has not attended a minimum of four meetings during a calendar year the member will be removed from the Council and CCPHD staff will discuss alternative options for participation. A quorum of 50% plus one of membership is required to vote on agenda items related to funding allocation, report approvals and policy recommendations. A quorum is needed to hold a public meeting.

Special meetings may be called by a Co-Chair or by a majority of the Council members. All meetings shall be subject to Oregon’s Public Meetings Law. All PHAC meetings are open to the public. Future meeting agendas and minutes will be posted on the County CCPHD webpage and

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