Public Health Advisory Committee

As a function of our charter, the Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) provides a local voice in the review and revision of public health programs, strategies and goals that impact the communities within Clackamas County. Some of the functions of the Public Health Advisory Committee include:

  • Advise the Public Health Division Director and staff in the development of activities, strategies and priorities to achieve community health improvement goals.
  • Review reports, planning documents and publications. Make recommendations to assure alignment with public health goals and standards.
  • Link public health programs and services to the broad cross-section of populations throughout the county.
  • Promote public health initiatives and activities. Participate in community education and engagement.
  • Deliberate as an ethic committee. Review and discuss community-based public health ethics issues occurring within the county.
  • Advocate Active engagement in policy and systems change, including some degree of persuasion. Such engagement tactics may include: education of decision makers and the public, technical support (e.g., providing model ordinances; data and evidence), and implementation efforts. These advocacy efforts need to be distinguished from the more legal definitions of “lobbying”.
  • Policy Advocacy is the process of negotiating and mediating a dialogue through which influential networks, opinion leaders, and ultimately, decision makers take ownership of your ideas, evidence, and proposals, and subsequently act upon them.

Clackamas County Community Health Improvement Plan

We are instrumental in monitoring the implementation of the Clackamas County Community Health Improvement Plan.

PHAC membership

  • Jill Thompson, CEO, Rede Group 
  • Elizabeth Barth, Happy Valley Resident 
  • Michael Foley, Milwaukie  Resident
  • Tim Driscoll, Molalla Resident
  • Emily Balius, Regional Network Developer, Oregon Food Bank
  • Kim Swan, Water Resource Manager, Clackamas River Water Providers
  • Steve De Hart, City of Lake Oswego Fire Dept.
  • Maria Tafolla, Community Engagement Program Manager, Health Share 
  • Hannah Smith, Outside-In, Milwaukie High School,  School Based Health Center 
  • Rujuta Gaonkar, Kaiser Permanente  Northwest
  • Eric Johnston, Executive Director, Todos Juntos
  • Christina Bodamer, Government Relations Director, American Heart Association
  • Sally Castillo, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette
  • Jarett Gilbert, Health Sciences Director, Clackamas Community College
  • Allison Myers, Director, Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
  • Oregon State University
  • Kimiko Wane, Student, Clackamas Community College

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