Recording Standards

Minimum Standards

  • Documents submitted for recording must be:
  • Printed on sheets of paper no smaller than 11 inches long by 8 1/2 inches wide and not larger than 14 inches long by 8 1/2 inches wide
  • Printed or written in at least 10-point type (effective Jan. 1, 2024)
  • Originals with original signatures and notary stamps; no photocopies (unless certified copies) or electronically-generated reproductions (especially of signatures or notary seals)
  • Printed on paper of sufficient quality for photographic reproduction that will not permit "bleed-through" if printed on both sides
  • Each document has a set fee amount. To review fees please go to:

Important Notice: HB2029 - Minimum font size changes to 10-point. Effective Monday, Jan. 1, 2024 HB2029 amended Oregon Revised Statute 205.232, changing minimum font size from 8-point to 10-point type for recorded documents.  Customers are urged to make sure font size is at least 10-point type.

Notary Requirements

  • Documents must be signed in front of a Notary.
  • The signature line must match the party’s names (a business must list the affiliation of the signor & trusts and trustee names must be listed).
  • Notary must state the parties names correctly (Business and their signors name and title, Trust and Trustee’s names)
  • Notary stamp must be legible.

First Page Requirements

  • Name and address of assignees on all Trust Deed/Mortgage assignments.
  • Minimum space for recording label of 4x2 in the upper right corner.
  • Document must be clearly titled with name(s) of transaction(s)
  • Names of parties involved (grantor and grantee, mortgagee and mortgagor, assignor and assignee, claimant and lien debtor, etc.)
  • Name and address of person to whom the instrument will be delivered after recording, preceded by the words "Return To"
  • The address for tax statements must appear on the first page, or the document will be rejected (ORS 93.260)
  • Consideration (if deed or contract)
  • Judgment or warrant amount for Clerk Lien Record document
  • A cover sheet, containing all the required information, may be recorded for an additional $5 fee.


If a document is rejected as "illegible" due to a notary and/or corporate seal or highlighting covering text, please re-do the document or consider the following options:

  • If it is your opinion that the illegible information on the document is either unimportant or unnecessary, you may consider removing it or crossing it out. Please check with your legal counsel prior to doing so, the information may be required.
  • If a form contains illegible text, a legible form of the same kind may be attached to the original, and it should state "attached for legibility" somewhere on the attached page. Attaching extra pages will increase the total cost for recording.
  • Signatures and notary stamps/seals must be original; photocopies cannot be recorded.
  • Notary seals must not cover text or signatures on the document.
  • A notary stamp that is blurred or faint is not acceptable for recording.
    You may write the information outside the seal border, or a new seal and/or acknowlegdement can be affixed to compensate. (OAR 160-100-0000)
  • Any highlighting of text or any other information on a document
    will cause the document to be rejected.

Legal Description Required Format

  • Metes and bounds description; or
  • Subdivision name, lot and block; or
  • Book and page or instrument number of a recorded deed where the legal can be found

Assesors map and tax lot number or account number is not acceptable as a legal description.

Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your document if submitting it through the mail for recording.