ARPA Information for Nonprofits

To distribute certain ARPA funds into our community, Clackamas County is teaming up with local nonprofits and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Organization officials can review relevant information below.

Update: Capacity Building Recovery Assistance for Nonprofits/Community Based Organizations (4/10/23)

Clackamas County is pleased to announce that applications will be opening for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding allocated by the Board of County Commissioners to improve the capacity and resiliency of community based organizations (CBOs) who are still coping with the negative economic impacts of COVID-19. Three well-equipped nonprofits have been approved as subrecipients, which will all implement programs providing services to beneficiaries, and distributing funds, on the county’s behalf.

These limited dollars will begin to be distributed in the following two ways under ARPA’s guidance:

  • Provide assistance payments to the nonprofits/CBOs that have been negatively affected by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Provide capacity-building technical assistance for the nonprofits/CBOs’ resiliency.

To be an eligible applicant for these ARPA funds, below are the minimum requirements set:

  • Must be a nonprofit entity with a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) IRS designation
  • Must have proof of substantial operation within Clackamas County and a physical location within Clackamas County
  • Have 150 or fewer employees.
  • Operating budget of less than $20,000,000.
  • Be determined by the federal government to be negatively economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (see U.S. Treasury’s SLFRF Final Rule)
  • Impact may also be determined by:
    • Presumptively Eligible: Nonprofits with primary operations located in a Qualified Census Tract (See Subrecipient website for additional information)
    • Presumptively Eligible: Nonprofits operated by Tribal governments or on Tribal lands
  • Have the ability to provide financial documentation and additional supporting documentation to demonstrate the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Provide operational status of organization.
  • Authority to sign an attestation on behalf of the applying nonprofit.  

Eligible beneficiaries of this Capacity Building Recovery Assistance program will be determined by the individual subrecipient. Please view their websites/contact them for additional information on their specific process:

All questions can be directed to Jennifer Hardnett at Clackamas County.

Capacity Building Recovery Assistance

Clackamas County has selected three capable subrecipients to carry out distributing ARPA funds that have been allocated for capacity building recovery assistance. The subrecipients will move forward with additional outreach to nonprofits/Community Based Organizations (CBOs) throughout the county that may have been impacted by COVID-19.

These funds are in high demand and limited, which means the application process to determine eligibility will prioritize nonprofits with documentation demonstrating the greatest need. Nonprofits/CBOs will apply to the individual subrecipient in order to be determined as a qualified beneficiary for receipt of ARPA funds. In addition to funds being disbursed to qualified beneficiaries, subrecipients will offer technical assistance/capacity building in support of continuing resiliency for the COVID-19 impacted beneficiary organizations.

ClackCo’s Equity and Inclusion Office appreciates the work that the selected subrecipients have agreed to in order to serve nonprofits/CBOs. If your organization has questions or needs clarification before applications are posted, please email Jennifer Hardnett.

Previous Webinars

During 2022, #ClackCo hosted three webinars for community based organizations (CBOs) and nonprofits, in order to help facilitate the grant process for them to apply for ARPA funds. Thus far, a total of $6 million in nonprofit support has been approved by #ClackCo Commissioners. These webinars covered a general orientation of ARPA-funded grant opportunities and details about the next steps of the process. Webinars are available below.

Questions about these webinars and related inquires can be directed to ARPA Community-Based Organization Liaison Jennifer Hardnett at