American Rescue Plan Act

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides emergency relief funding to local governments. In May 2021, Clackamas County received approximately $40.6 million of these funds, and we will receive nearly the same amount after May 2022 (which must be spent by December 2024). Federal government regulations detail how this money can be used.

With these funds, Clackamas County is committed to supporting residents, first responders, businesses, nonprofits and other community partners who have been most impacted by COVID-19. Below, please find the five areas which funds can be allocated toward and their descriptions (as defined by the federal government), and how much of the $40.6 million we have currently allocated.

This page was last updated on Jan. 1, 2022.

How will the funds be dispersed?

As of Jan. 1, 2022, Clackamas County has allocated $31,382,425 of the $40,631,961 APRA funds received.

Support Public Health Response

Public HealthThis funding can go toward certain public health-related activities that help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and address treatment/care stemming from it. Thus far, Clackamas County has invested $1.5 million in the continued operation of public health efforts by our Emergency Operations Center, which has been staffed since COVID-19 was first detected in Oregon. Another $2.23 million has been allocated to cover the costs of a hotel/motel emergency sheltering program.

Address Negative Economic Impacts

Helping handsThis funding can go toward providing much needed relief to struggling local businesses, nonprofits, industries, workers, and other public sector entities. Thus far, Clackamas County has invested $4 million in business support, $6 million in nonprofit support, $150,000 for local Business Recovery Centers, and $200,000 for the Gladstone Library.

Replace Public Sector Revenue Loss

Government buildingThis funding can go toward restoring lost funding that the county experienced in delivering its services. Clackamas County has invested $11,797,970 in this area.

Invest in Water, Sewer, and Broadband Infrastructure

Wifi signalThis funding can go toward investments the county wants to make in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure. Thus far, Clackamas County has invested $2.5 million in broadband infrastructure, specifically to expand the Clackamas Broadband Exchange to those lacking reliable internet connectivity.

Premium Pay for Essential Workers

Emergency siren for first responderThis funding is intended to provide premium pay to workers who put themselves at the greatest risk during the pandemic, as their jobs required them to do so. Thus far, Clackamas County has invested $3 million in premium pay. 

Survey Results

Prior to commissioners allocating the vast majority of the first round of APRA funding, in May 2021, Clackamas County invited residents to take an unscientific survey to gauge how the community values different uses of the funds. Our community responded! More than 3,600 people took the survey, which was the second-most survey responses in county history. The survey results were just one of many resources county commissioners rely on when making decisions about how best to invest funds.

You can view the full survey results and analysis. Please note that respondents who failed to indicate they live in Clackamas County were filtered out of these results.

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