School recycling assistance

Many schools aren't easily able to recycle milk cartons. As a result, most milk cartons from schools end up in the garbage. The transition from milk cartons to dispensers and washable cups can cut cafeteria waste in half, on top of reducing milk waste and students drinking more milk! Learn more about milk dispensers in Clackamas County schools.

Posters and containers

To request posters and containers, contact Laurel Bates at

41 quart blue recycling bin for paper
Clearstream recycler full of bottles and cans
Large recycling bin with hole in lid for bottles and cans


Recycling Guide Locker and desk cleanout guide
Remember your waste reduction goals as you plan the end of the school year cleanouts! Our guide contains helpful tips and printable posters.

Locker and desk cleanout guide Recycling Guide: What can I recycle at school?