Clackamas CARES

Tying the Community Together with Heartstrings

Clackamas CARES, a program of Volunteer Connection focuses on supporting isolated older adults, persons with disabilities, and family caregivers in Clackamas County. Volunteer support for this program is vital for those individuals who wish to maintain the ability to live independently and stay connected to their communities. Now, during the COVID pandemic, we have been asked by public health officials to remain physically apart from one another. We are socially isolated from one another, and the very threads of our communities are beginning to weaken. Clackamas CARES seeks to tighten those threads. Volunteers will provide meaningful support to seniors, caregivers and the differently abled in Clackamas County in a variety of ways. These are just a few examples:

  • Clackamas CARE Calls
    Telephone or internet check in visits
  • System Navigators
    Assist clients with navigating online support resources
  • Memory Café Visitor
    Socialize and participate in activities with those with Alzheimer’s
  • Group Facilitators
    Provide support for online classes or support groups

Clackamas CARES works with all Clackamas County Volunteer Connection programs. For more information or to get involved please call 971-347-5759.