Sanitary and Stormwater Rules and Standards Update

Project Background

WES is in the process of updating its Rules and Standards to provide consistency across all three service districts: Tri-City Service District (TCSD), Clackamas County Service District No. 1 (CCSD1), and the Surface Water Management Agency of Clackamas County (SWMACC).  WES provides sewerage, surface water, and stormwater management under the terms, conditions, and rates set within the Rules and Regulations (Rules) and Design Standards (Standards). The Rules and Standards are periodically revised to incorporate changes in permits and to reflect new technologies, approaches, and development patterns.

Through this update, WES has facilitated a collaborative process to engage internal WES staff and external stakeholders to identify and resolve key policy issues. The goal is to develop consensus and understanding among stakeholders and create a clear road map for development of the rules and standards. 

The outcome of this project is expected to be a streamlined rules and regulations document and accompanying sanitary and stormwater design manuals for all WES programs and facilities. Together, these documents will cover design standards, administrative procedures, standard forms, agreements, and new policies encompassing storm design, fiscal practices, and rules for the public’s use of WES properties.

Stakeholder Interviews

WES identified approximately 15 members of the development community (development engineers, planners, and others who utilize the rules and standards) to interview about sanitary and stormwater design standards.  Information obtained during the interviews was compiled into a Stakeholder Interview Summary Memo.

Task Force Workshops

WES convened a Task Force to review and come to consensus regarding policy issues and technical standards that will be addressed in the rules and standards update.  Members of the Task Force included both developers and municipal agency partners. The Task Force workshops were intended to introduce and get feedback on proposed policy and technical decisions.

Task Force Workshops included the following topics:

Workshop #1
Project Overview and Task Force Role
agenda notes presentation
Workshop #2
Stormwater Performance Standards (Site Planning, Water Quality and Flow Control)
agenda notes presentation
Workshop #3
Stormwater Minimum Requirements and Facility types (including green infrastructure and proprietary systems)
agenda notes presentation
Workshop #3A
Flow Duration Matching Tools
agenda   presentation
Workshop #4
Sanitary and stormwater fiscal policies
agenda notes presentation
Workshop #5
Proposed Policies
agenda   presentation

Stakeholder Outreach

Following the Task Force Workshops, WES met with various interest groups including watershed councils, Business Chambers, Community Planning Organizations, Homebuilders Associations and other development/business interest groups.  WES also held two public forums.  The purpose of this outreach was to update the groups on the proposed standards and invite them to comment.

Nov. 26, 2018
Presentation to County Commissioners
Informational Forum - Proposed Policy Boards presentation
Informational Forum presentation
Stakeholder Outreach Interview Summary presentation
Department Staff
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Senior Civil Engineer


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