Courthouse Replacement Project

Clackamas County’s courthouse was built in 1936 in the heart of downtown Oregon City. While it continues to serve hundreds – sometimes thousands – of residents daily, courthouse needs have outgrown the facility’s ability to adequately meet the demands of our increasing population and the need to hold hearings in a timely manner.

Factoring in population growth, the significant safety risks, and functional impediments associated with the existing courthouse including a lack of adequate jury assembly space and secured access for defendants and witnesses, replacement of the courthouse is a wise investment.

In July 2017, the Oregon Legislature provided Clackamas County with $1.2 million for planning costs associated with the project. Through the Oregon Courthouse Capital Construction and Improvement Fund (OCCCIF), the state may provide matching funds to go toward the replacement of county courthouses. In the case of the Clackamas County courthouse, what this means is the state would be able to provide 50 percent of the funds to cover the estimated project cost.

In addition to the Legislature’s continued involvement in this process, the project also includes participation from the courts, the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Association of Oregon Counties’ (AOC) Court Facilities Task Force, the city of Oregon City, and additional key stakeholders.

Vendor solicitations are not being taken at this time for the courthouse construction project. When such services are desired, they will be posted on our Bids and RFPs page.

This page will be updated as developments occur.

Unveiling the Initial Concept Design


Project Fact Sheet (Updated February 2019)

2017 Legislative Report (pg. 13-14; 51-71; 131-142)

10/17/17 Policy Session: Courthouse Replacement Project Planning

2/14/17 Policy Session: Red Soils Courthouse Funding Request for 2017 Biennium

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