Elder Abuse

Abuse of the elderly (over the age of 65) affects some of our most vulnerable victims. Elder Abuse can occur anywhere: in the home, in nursing homes or other institutions. Abusers may be family members, acquaintances, care givers or other professionals in a position of trust. Victim Assistance is available to provide support and information to victims of elder abuse including non-offending family. Under Oregon Law, suspected elder abuse must be reported to law enforcement or adult protective services.

Elder abuse can take many different forms. Some signs of abuse are:

  • Physical Abuse - Slap marks, unexplained bruises, most pressure marks, and certain types of burns or blisters, such as cigarette burns.
  • Neglect - Pressure ulcers, filth, lack of medical care, malnutrition or dehydration.
  • Emotional Abuse - Withdrawal from normal activities, unexplained changes in alertness, or other unusual behavioral changes.
  • Sexual Abuse - Bruises around the breasts or genital area and unexplained sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Financial Abuse/Exploitation - Sudden change in finances and accounts, altered wills and trusts, unusual bank withdrawals, checks written as "loans" or "gifts," and loss of property.

There is a specific protective order available to Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities (EPPDAPA) www.courts.oregon.gov/programs/family/domestic-violence/Pages/elderly-abuse.aspx. If you need assistance in applying for a protective order, please call Victim Assistance at 503-655-8616.

To report Elder Abuse in Clackamas County, you can contact law enforcement or Adult Protective Services (APS) at 971-673-6655.

Additional resources in Clackamas County Social Services website www.clackamas.us/socialservices/seniorresources.html or by calling 503-650-5622.