Resources for Clackamas Seniors

Senior Centers | Programs and Services

Clackamas County has many programs and services that help seniors live independent, healthy, and well-connected lives. If you need help getting around, assistance with managing your medical needs and insurance, learning about volunteer opportunities, assistance with in-home care or family caregiver services, Clackamas County can connect you to the resources you need.

For more information, please call 503-650-5622.

You can also visit the Clackamas County Community Resource Guide online.

For a printed version of the guide please call the number above.

Senior Centers

Senior Centers are located throughout the county providing seniors with a place to socialize, take classes, have a lunch and access services. Senior centers also provide transportation services.

Canby Adult Center 503-266-2970
Estacada Community Center 503-630-7454
Gladstone Senior Center 503-655-7701
Hoodland Senior Center 503-622-3331
Lake Oswego Adult Center 503-635-3758
Milwaukie Center 503-653-8100
Molalla Adult Center 503-829-4214
Pioneer Center - Oregon City 503-657-8287
Sandy Senior Center 503-668-5569
West Linn Senior Center 503-557-4704
Wilsonville Community Center 503-682-3727

Programs and Services for Seniors in Clackamas County

Area Agency on Aging (AAA)/Social Services
The AAA is responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering services to seniors. The AAA Advisory Council advises the AAA on programming and advocates for seniors. If you are interested in becoming an advocate for senior issues, contact the AAA.
For more information contact 503-655-8330

Clackamas Resource Connection (CRC)
If you need help getting around, assistance with managing your medical needs and insurance, learning about volunteer opportunities, assistance with in-home care or family caregiver services, CRC can connect you to the help you need.
For more information contact 503-650-5622

Adult Protective Services (APS)
Adult Protective Services investigates abuse allegations and provides protection from harm, neglect, abuse, and exploitation for persons aged 65 years and older, as well as persons with disabilities.
For more information call the confidential hotline at 971-673-6655

Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP)
The Family Caregiver Support Program helps nonpaid family caregivers who are seeking relief from the demands of caregiving by providing emotional support, stipends, educational classes, information and access to other programs.
For more information contact 503-650-5724

Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Legal Aid provides legal services to low-income seniors in the county.
For more information contact 503-655-2518

Transportation Programs
Clackamas County offers a range of programs to help seniors get to work, activities, medical appointments, or other transportation needs.
For more information contact 503-655-8208
(Or contact your local senior center or public transportation provider.)

Medicaid Long-Term Care service is provided through the State of Oregon. Medicaid offers longterm care services, including case management and food stamps for eligible county residents.
For more information contact 971-673-7601

Oregon Project Independence (OPI)
Oregon Project Independence helps seniors 60 years and over live independently and safely in their own homes. The program helps eligible seniors maintain their independence by providing individualized personal care, housekeeping, and case management support.
For more information contact 503-650-5704

Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP)
The Retired Seniors Volunteer Program helps seniors stay active and engaged in their communities by connecting them to volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can choose the volunteer opportunity that best suits their needs, schedule, and interests.
For more information contact 503-650-5779

Senior Citizens Council
The Senior Citizens Council provides health equipment loans, guardianship, and other services to seniors.
For more information contact 503-657-1366

Senior Community Service Employment Program
The Senior Community Service Employment Program assists low income, unemployed individuals over the age of 55 with skill training and job search assistance. An enrollee is placed in a nonprofit or governmental worksite for up to 20 hours per week of skill training and paid a stipend equal to the state minimum wage.
For more information contact 503-655-8840

Senior Companion Program (SCP)
The Senior Companion Program helps older adults stay independent by providing companionship and support. Support is provided by low income seniors who are no longer in the workforce and are able to provide assistance to seniors in need.
For more information contact 503-655-8875

Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA)
The Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance program helps seniors and younger persons with disabilities understand their health insurance benefits. Volunteers and staff work one-on-one to increase new and existing Medicare beneficiaries' knowledge about benefits and billing issues; and provide assistance with the open enrollment process.
For more information contact 503-655-8269