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Benefits plans and eligibility may differ among the county employees represented by different collective bargaining agreements, but most employees are eligible for these benefits:

  • Medical/Prescriptive Drug and Vision Benefits
    Choice of three medical insurance plans which cover employee's spouse/domestic partner and qualifying children at a percentage premium cost. Some plans include alternative care, such as chiropractic and naturopath physicians.
  • Dental Plans
    Choice of four dental insurance plans. Some plans include orthodontia coverage for children and adults.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
    County paid life insurance policy
  • Disability Insurance
    County paid disability insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Deferred Compensation Section 457
  • Generous Vacation
    3-4 weeks/year for most employees
  • Sick Pay
    Earn 8 hours per month, with no maximum accumulation
  • Holidays
    Most employees are eligible for nine standard holidays plus one "floating holiday" each year
  • Other Leaves
    Family and Medical Leave, Military Leave, Jury Duty, Victim and Witness Leave, Bereavement Leave, etc.
  • PERS/OPSRP Retirement Contributions
  • Wellness Program

For more information on specific benefits plans based on union contracts and representation, please select from the links below:

Benefits information is subject to change.