Nov. 6, 2018 General Election

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Drop Sites

All drop sites in Clackamas County are available to the public 24 hours a day from October 17, 2018 until 8 pm on Election Day. Some locations have changed. Drop Site Locations

Important Election Dates

Note: City candidates file candidacy with individual cities and Soil and Water candidates file candidacy with the Department of Agriculture.

All Voter Pamphlet statements/arguments are filed with County Elections.

6 Last day to file or withdraw notice of measure election
10 Last day to file measure arguments
10 Last day for candidates, who file candidacy with governing body other than county clerk, to file a Voter’s Pamphlet statement
22 Military/overseas ballots mailed
8 Out-of-state ballots mailed
16 Voter Registration Deadline
17 Local ballots mailed / Official drop sites open
30 Public certification test of tally system
6 Election day. Ballots must be returned by 8 p.m.
20 Last day for voters to resolve signature issues
26 Last day to certify election results

County Candidates

Clackamas County Assessor & Tax Collector - 2 year position to fill vacancy
Mike Grant filing forms voter's pamphlet
Tami Little filing forms voter's pamphlet
Clackamas County Clerk
Sherry Hall filing forms voter's pamphlet
Pamela White filing forms voter's pamphlet
County Treasurer
Brian T. Nava filing forms voter's pamphlet

City/District Candidates

Certified City Candidates

Certified District Candidates


City of Gladstone
3-535 Renewal of Current Operating Levy for Police Services
3-536 Renewal of Current Operating Fire and Medical Services
City of Lake Oswego
3-537 Charter Amendment Regarding Posting Notices of Proposed Ordinances
3-538 Charter Amendment Relating to Regular Council Meetings
City of Oregon City
3-539 Authorize Use of Portions of Public Parks Improving Roadway Safety
City of Sandy
3-540 Annexation of land outside of Sandy’s urban growth boundary
North Clackamas School Distict
3-541 Local levy to preserve teaching positions, days of school year
Canby Rural Fire Protection District
3-542 General Obligation Bonds to Improve Fire Safety and Service Delivery
City of West Linn
3-543 I-205 project temporary impact to City parks and open space
3-544 I-205 project temporary impact to City parks and open space
Oregon City School District
3-545 Bonds for safety, security, repairs, overcrowding; renovation, efficiencies, and construction
Riverdale Fire District
26-198 Renew Fire Year Local Option Levy for Riverdale Fire District
26-199 Bonds to Fund Affordable Housing in Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah counties.
City of Portland
26-200 Amends Charter: Limits candidate contributions, expenditures; campaign communications identify funders.
26-201 Imposes surcharge on certain retailers; funds clean energy, job training
Tigard-Tualatin School District
34-285 Local Option Levy Renewal to Retain Teachers, Classroom Programs